Aquilia Academy is a project intended to facilitate international know-how exchange consisting of health-related tailor-made programs that are focused on practice and real-world oriented cases.

Programs are carefully planned and executed based on the long-term experience acquired.

Core of the program is a combination of theoretical concepts necessary to grasp the key medical concepts together with the case studies from real life and operations. Valuable insights from the operations can be obtained from the opinions and experience of leading professionals from the medical fields. Program participants can conduct on-site visits to observe and learn from day-to-day healthcare operation. Specifically, sharing the know-how of the European clinic standards to healthcare professionals who are working in the international-standard hospitals.

Aquilia Academy programs place strong emphasis on the individuality, intuitiveness, informativeness and interaction base. Due to that, participants can indulge in dialogues and exchanges with experienced experts and managers to discuss various medical and non-medical topics.

Importantly, this program set-up encourages possibility to gain new knowledge, skills and methods in the convenient and effective way from the peers working in the same industry or field.

Finally, this program is not intended only to improve participants’ professional path but also to give them valuable life experience and opportunity to work in the multicultural environment.

  • Leading medical professionals
  • On-site visits and real life cases
  • High-quality learning curriculum
  • Multinational professional networking

Aquilia Academy Program Overview

Aquilia Academy programs are designed to fulfill market need and to comprehensively align European healthcare standards in the international healthcare setting.

The main strength of the program is its great applicability as it covers main medical and non-medical fields necessary to run operations in the healthcare facility smoothly.

The global healthcare market is on the rise and the key to the long-term operational success and sustainability is to provide local professionals with the strong educational background and skillset to deliver standardized, international and outstanding quality care to patients.

Aquilia Academy Program Clients

The Aquilia Academy programs are designed for people who are looking for advanced, practice-oriented trainee programs.

The Aquilia Academy programs are set up and executed jointly with leading clinics and institutions. The programs facilitate exchange of knowledge and sharing of clinical and management expertise.


  • Hospital management – operations
  • Medical management
  • Physiotherapy methods
  • Case and Care management
  • Education rehabilitation medicine
  • Specialized medicine fields
  • Innovations and patient care

Target Groups

Aquilia Academy programs are suitable to various professionals working in the healthcare industry and specific requirements differ from program to program. We are confident that we can deliver outstanding value to the global healthcare ecosystem. Our programs can boost different professionals and their skills as mentioned below.

Professionals working on various levels and positions in healthcare, especially in hospitals and clinics.
High potential young workers in the field of healthcare with a vision to move in the career pathway.
Senior experts with a vision to extend the portfolio of experience by exploring the methods and best practice in Europe.

Program examples

Based on the vast experience, market needs, and international standards, we created an example how the program can look like, and which activities could be offered to the participants.

Activity Description
On-site visitsAccess to physical visit inside the hospital and or clinic department where participants can grasp real-life experience from the operations.
Seminar with experts – lectureCombination of theoretical and practical knowledge obtained via professional experts in the form of physical and digital lectures.
Group discussion sessionEncourages participants to share ideas, opinions and insights about healthcare topics in the open and brainstorming environment.
ObservershipEducational activity in which the program participant will receive an opportunity to see daily routine of the medical facility, observe treatments and methods and learn the valuable processes.
Practical trainingMembers will be able to show their theoretical understanding and knowledge in practical training inside the medical facility.
Program materialsAccess to up-to-date, medical and scientific materials
Certification of participationMembers who enrolled into the program and went through all the necessary activities, will be issued a certification of participation which will enable them to receive better professional position.
Confirmation of attendanceProgram participants will be required to have confirmation of attendance to assure that the program was completed in the specified healthcare facility.
Long-life membership in Aquilia AcademyAfter completion of the program, participants can receive a long-life membership including access to newsletter, community and networking embracing their career growth and on-going education.

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